Recommends Elderbridge and Iowa Return to Community to Individuals

“I became ill with COVID on January 19th. I spent a few days in the hospital and when I returned home I got a call from many different agencies. They were all so kind and reassuring and checked on me every week. Then I received a call from Thomasina Hegg with ELDERBRIDGE’s Iowa Return to Community program. Again, very kind and supporting with encouragement in my recovery. Not only did they supply a very nice lady to help me twice a week with cleaning, shopping, or whatever I needed, they had frozen meals sent to me. All I had to do was put the meal in the microwave. This continued for three months at which time I was able to start doing some cooking and some shopping. I am still dealing with the side effects of COVID. It is a hard road but all the people at Iowa RETURN TO COMMUNITY and ELDERBRIDGE have helped me down that road with kindness and encouragement. As I have told many people I am so impressed that Spencer has such a wonderful program to help when someone is struck with an illness. I would definitely recommend Iowa RETURN TO COMMUNITY and ELDERBRIDGE to anyone that needs some help.”- Marlene Rounds

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