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Our mission is to advocate for and empower older adults, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities to pursue independent healthy lives.

Individuals provided with Information and Assistance
Meals Served: Senior Center Congregate
and Home Delivered
Elder Abuse At-Risk Assessments & Consultations
Caregivers Assisted

How Do I Donate to Elderbridge’s Non-Profit Agency?

The story of Elderbridge is best told by the people we help. People like Margie, who learned that this financial aid is possible thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.

Margie is a 67 year old disabled woman who lives in the Elderbridge service area. Three times a week, she gets Meals on Wheels delivered to her home. One day, when the Meals on Wheels delivery person saw her, Margie looked pale and weak. Knowing that she was unable to pay for the meals and worried about her condition, the driver contacted Elderbridge.

Margie had been on Medicaid and SSI for many years after suffering a severe injury as a teenager.

With only a $780 income each month, she had fallen behind on her water and electric bills. When an Elderbridge Options Counselor spoke with her, she found out that Margie needed help, not only financially, but also with food and medical attention.

The Options Counselor found a doctor for Margie and got the money to help pay her bills through an established Elderbridge fund.

"I was excited when I got the call from Elderbridge. Having their help has been a Godsend for me.", according to Margie, "I appreciate all the help that I have received."

Ways To Donate

Elderbridge Agency On Aging


To make a direct donation to the agency send your donation 1190 Briarstone Drive, Ste. 3 Mason City, IA 50401-3435.

Elderbridge Agency On Aging

Credit or Debit
Through PayPal

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Your gift of endowment can be completed by clicking the link below. 

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The Permanent Endowment Fund

This fund is used to support agency services throughout our 29 counties in North Central, Northwest and Central Iowa. Our endowment is administered by the partnership Elderbridge enjoys with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

This partnership helps allow donors a 25% state tax credit on their charitable gift through the Endow Iowa Program. Endowment Funds are used for anything from helping elder abuse victims to fixing a handrail at the home of a local senior. You can also create a bequest by including a charitable gift in your trust or will.

A variety of gifts can be donated to the Permanent Endowment Fund this way. Gifts such as life insurance, stocks, IRA gifts, estate gifts or other investments.

Elderbridge Agency On Aging

Please help the story and mission of Elderbridge to advance and grow. Remember, your gift ensures that the programs and services of Elderbridge Agency on Aging will continue and will be available in the future to help our state’s growing population of elderly and those with disabilities.

That way people like Margie can continue to thrive and age in place, living in their own home as long as it is safely possible.

A map of the counties in which we have been served.

Elderbridge Agency On Aging

The Elderbridge Story

Elderbridge is a community-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit Area Agency on Aging in North Central, Northwest, and Central Iowa, currently serving a 29-county region.

We provide information, guidance, and assistance in finding services for you, your spouse, parent, relative, or friend. We strive to enable older Iowans to live with dignity, well-being, and independence.

To the people we serve, these are our goals:

  • To help you make informed decisions.
  • To easily access home and long-term care options.
  • To help you remain in their homes as long as possible with a high quality of life.
  • To stay active and healthy.

To Connect With Elderbridge Agency on Aging call (800) 243-0678

Elderbridge is your local coordinated entry point for LifeLong Links Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs).

LifeLong Links ADRCs are where to call, click or come in for help and get the latest information about any and all programs and services in Iowa that are there to assist older and disabled adults.