A Testimonial for the Iowa Return To Community (IRTC) program at Elderbridge Agency on Aging.

A Testimonial for the Iowa Return To Community (IRTC) program at Elderbridge Agency on Aging.

My husband tested positive for Covid 19 on Jan. 2, 2021. He was a very sick man!! A few days later he entered the Spencer hospital with Bacterial Pneumonia!! While in the hospital, I received a phone call asking if we’d like Iowa Return to Community Services. I said, YES, even though I didn’t know anything about their services. (I’m so glad I said yes!! )

Elderbridge stepped right in with phone calls, special deliveries, and so much support. My main contact was Thomasina Hegg. When visiting with her, I felt like I had made a new friend. She was so easy to visit with as she was friendly, so kind, and a very caring person. She started by telling me what they offered to help ease our situation. I was amazed!!

When Bob finally started to eat again, we had food sent to us every two weeks. He could choose from a menu, then Thomasina would send in the order and it would arrive at our back door. What a help in this stressful time! He could choose what he wanted, and I would POP it in the microwave and two minutes later, it was ready for him to enjoy. They also ordered Ensure for him to drink, which he loved, and I know it helped him get some strength back. I would even put it in ice cream to make a malt and he enjoyed that too.

Thomasina also mentioned other services, such as showerheads and grab bars. Bob was very weak, so we said YES. A very nice young man arrived to look over the shower area…and within a few days, he returned with the head and bars. He did a great job of installing them. We were very pleased!! (he would always call ahead of time on when he would arrive, so it was convenient for us)

These two programs were awesome and we would recommend them HIGHLY to anyone that could benefit from them. On a scale of 1-10, we rank them a 100!!!!! Truly a gift from above!!! We are so thankful for everything. Robert and Audrey Schmidt

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