Kathi Volunteer Testimonial

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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kathi. I have been volunteering with Elderbridge since November of 2020. I became a volunteer as part of the Phone Reassurance program, which began as a need to find a way to connect with others during COVID. I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible ladies through weekly phone calls. It has been such an amazing experience getting to know each one as an individual. Hearing about their families, their ups and downs in life, as well as sharing a little about me and my own personal life. I recently had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with Jeanine, who is one of my Phone Reassurance clients. It was so much fun getting to meet Jeanine for lunch, share stories, laugh, and take pictures. What a great opportunity to communicate and build a new friendship in person. I am a retired nurse, but continue to learn and grow and be amazed at how even a simple phone call can impact a life. I know that I am just a small part of a group they call volunteers, who together can make a difference in lives. Being part of the Phone Reassurance program through Elderbridge has been rewarding for me, knowing that I can lend a listening ear, lift someone’s spirit, provide support and encouragement, and connect. Sincerely,Kathi

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