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1) Volunteering is done to make a difference. The fun thing is that it makes a difference for me and the person I am supporting each month. It is certainly a two-way street. I moved here recently and am enjoying getting to know those I help each month thru Elderbridge and those that support me at Elderbridge. You are my neighbors, my friends and it really feels good to be able to help those that struggle and help them meet their needs. I also look forward to seeing each of them each month…another family! I feel so blessed to be a part of the Elderbridge family. –Anonymous

2) “Elderbridge came into my life exactly when I needed them.  My grandma passed away in early November 2020.  She was 103 years young and had all her wits about her.  She was living in a nursing home so of course, could not have any visitors last year.  I was able to speak with her on the phone each week which was a bright light for both of us to look forward to.  It breaks my heart knowing we were not there with her when she passed.  However, her faith was so strong I know she was never really alone.  After 44 years apart, she and my grandpa were united in heaven which is a warm fuzzy feeling.

I work at Principal and I received an email shortly after she passed away.  We were asked if we wanted to adopt a Senior for Christmas.  It was like this was completely meant to be!  I didn’t even have to think twice about participating!  So, I inquired to the Elderbridge sponsor if by chance I could be matched with an older lady who maybe was used to seeing family and now, due to the pandemic, was not able to.  My Secret Senior’s Christmas wish list was sent to me and off I went enjoying every crazy minute of online and in-store available shopping!

After purchasing her gifts and dropping them off at the Elderbridge office before Christmas, my heart felt warm!  So, I inquired if after the pandemic was over, with the permission of my Secret Senior’s family, if I could possibly meet her.  I was advised at that time, due to confidentiality reasons, that would not be possible.  I did respect their reply but truthfully, I was very crushed and so sad. 

Soon thereafter, I was happy to have received an email asking for my mailing address as my Secret Senior wanted to send me a Thank You note.  I was so excited when her card arrived!  So, I nicely pushed a bit harder at Elderbridge if it would be possible for me to phone my Secret Senior.  After quite a few back and forth emails with Elderbridge, I was able to phone her.  We talked for almost an hour!  This led to me working directly with Elderbridge to become a volunteer.  I was able to remain with my Secret Senior.  We visit weekly over the phone for now.  I have learned a lot about her and her family.  She makes me smile and laugh during each of our calls!  No one will ever replace my grandma but I feel like she had a hand in making all of this happen.  You see my grandma’s name was (very close to my Secret Senior new friend)!

I thank Elderbridge for their support and trust in me.  I thank my Secret Senior for her friendship and her warm heart.  I thank her family for being so willing to share her with me.  I cannot wait to meet her and members of her family in person someday soon!” –Lynae

3) “I’m a retired nurse & missed being of service to others. So being an Elderbridge volunteer has helped fill that void. There’s a saying that says we have two hands- one for helping yourself & one for helping others. Especially now in times like these when people are struggling, the world needs more caring, compassion, & kindness.

The Elderbridge Agency is a dedicated group of people working diligently to coordinate & provide services for those in need & who may be struggling. They put in the many hours & hard work. I’m just a tiny part of that process. I volunteer a small amount of my time. But I hope it makes a difference & provides some relief & hope to the clients I serve. It has certainly made a difference in my life & has helped nourish my soul.”    – Marlene

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Laura Allen at 800-243-0678.

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