Older Worker Employment Program

The Older Worker Employment Program started in 2014 and a partnership with the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS), Iowa Department on Aging and Elderbridge Agency on Aging. This Program is designed to assist people, aged 55 and above in our 29 county region, with a documented disability to obtain and maintain gainful employment. To qualify for this program the individual requires a referral from Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Upon receiving the referral, the Elderbridge Employment Specialist will begin the process to assist, based on the individual’s needs and goals.

The Older Worker Employment Program Qualifiers include:

  • Age 55 or older.
  • Have a disability that shows multiple barriers to employment.
  • Eligible for and active with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • Not currently working with the Senior Community Service Employment Program.
  • Does not need Supported Employment Services.

The Elderbridge Employment Specialist helps candidates through the entire job training and job finding process. This would include:

  • Coordination and assistance to develop an Individual Plan for Employment.
  • Completing various vocational assessments and identifying a job goal.
  • Assisting with job seeking skills, completing applications, preparing for interviewing, writing resumes, and contacting employers.
  • Assistance to set up informational interviews, job shadowing opportunities, Skilled Iowa Internships, and On-the-Job training as needed.
  • Advocating with businesses to hire work ready job candidates.
  • Tracking and ensuring training of newly hired job candidates and discussing progress on the job.
  • Providing follow up contacts for one year after stable employment is obtained.

To become eligible for Employment Assistance through this new program, the individual must be referred from IVRS based upon a documented disability that creates an obstacle to employment and be 55 years of age or over. The job candidate must not be actively involved in any other grant funded employment assistance program such as AARP, SECEP or Experience Works. Please call the Elderbridge Employment Specialist at 1-800-243-0678, Extension 7009 for more information.

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