Seniors Stage Paper Plate Protest on Budget Cut Impacts

Beverly Walk and Carolyn Moore were just two of 30 people at the Mason City meal site who are protesting proposed budget cuts that could impact congregate meals throughout the Elderbridge 29 county service area.

Beverly Walk protests proposed budget cuts in a note to Iowa Legislators

Carolyn Moore lets Iowa Legislators know the negative impact of proposed budget cuts to congregate meal sites


Beverly and Carolyn and many other seniors in attendance wrote everything from short notes to detailed letters on paper plates to explain to their Iowa State Legislators how the pending funding cuts will have very personal and negative effects on seniors like them all over Iowa.

Here are the main reasons behind the plate protest and how it can work at any congregate meal site in Iowa:

  • The state of Iowa is having budget challenges and they have already cut the state budget for this current fiscal year, but they are considering even more cuts. 
  • Elderbridge has cut as much as we possibly can without having a negative effect on needed services for seniors.
  • Elderbridge has already reduced our staff as much as possible and many employees are wearing more than two or three hats.
  • Further cuts by the legislature may have a significant negative impact on senior services
  • This is why we want to start a paper plate “Save Lunch” campaign for both our congregate and home-delivered meal consumers.
  • Write “Save Lunch” on your paper plate, and tell the Iowa legislature why you love your senior center or what having your meals delivered means to you.
  • You can write your name on the back side, if you would like – but you certainly can remain anonymous, if you prefer.
  • We will collect these plates and deliver them to the state capitol!



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