Errand Buddy Helps Carroll Area Woman

Barb Nieland gets an occasional hand from "Errand Buddy' and in return gives the service from Elderbridge Alliance an A+++ rating. "It's a great service. It gets people out into the community," says Barb.

Because of limited mobility, Barb sometimes reaches out to Elderbridge Alliance staff for assistance. Thomasina Hegg is Barb's main "Errand Buddy" and she says, "I have known Barb for a number of years and sometimes getting transportation to go somewhere can be difficult. This service can provide some freedom for Barb to go where she wants to go and to do so within her own time frame."

"Errand Buddy" from Elderbridge Alliance helps Barb Nieland get out and about in Carroll

Elderbridge "Errand Buddy" accompanies individuals on all kinds of engagements such as shopping, hair salon appointments, banking, coffee, meal outings and other non-medical engagements.

"Errand Buddy" provides non-medical care and support that a family caregiver would give if their schedule or location permitted. Elderbridge Alliance works with caregivers and their elderly loved ones to fulfill the services they want and need. "Errand Buddy" clients travel to and from their destinations safely and comfortably, whether they are traveling from their home or care facility.

"Errand Buddy" will relieve the family of day-to-day activities that can complicate already busy schedules. Whether going to the grocery store, the pharmacy or the library, providing companionship, confirming appointments or recreation, "Errand Buddy" does it in a manner that’s fun, safe and promotes dignity and independence.

For more information on Errand Buddy and other services available through Elderbridge Alliance, call 855-664-4692.

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