Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with Elderbridge

There are numerous ways you can team up with Elderbridge staff members to volunteer your time and talents and help your friends and neighbors.

Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteers

Volunteers with Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) are at the front lines of helping to stop fraud, abuse and errors in Medicare. Prospective volunteers who qualify go through a short training period and then can chose among a variety of these role descriptions, each designed to fit the individual’s skills and availability.

  • Making group presentations
  • Staffing exhibits
  • Counseling
  • Media Liaison
  • Assisting with administration
  • Volunteer Facilitator
  • Complex Issues Counselor

Call an Elderbridge Public Relations Coordinator at 1-800-243-0678 Extension 7023 or Extension 7011 if you are interested in becoming an SMP Volunteer.

Home Delivered Meals Volunteers

Elderbridge helps manage nearly 90 congregate meal sites in our 29 county service area. Many of these meals sites are in need of volunteer drivers to take meals to people who are home bound. Please call Elderbridge Nutrition Coordinator 1-800-243-0678 ext 7015 if you are interested in helping with home delivered meals.

Fresh Conversations Volunteers

The Fresh Conversations program offers food, fun and friendly conversation to help you maintain your health and independence. Once a month, older adults gather together at a congregate meal site to learn from each other, sample new recipes, discuss current nutrition and health topics, and discover new ways to be active. Fresh Conversations is a 30 minute session led by a facilitator using an information packed newsletter developed and funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department on Aging. We would love to expand the program to additional meal sites so please call Nutrition Coordinator 1-800-243-0678 ext 7015 if you would like to be a volunteer leader.

Speakers Bureau Volunteers

Elderbridge staff and volunteers are often asked to engage in community outreach by presenting information to local groups through our Speakers Bureau. The type of volunteer Elderbridge is looking for are comfortable speaking and presenting in front of both small informal groups and also in larger group settings. Speakers must learn the services and programs available through Elderbridge and must represent the agency to the best of their ability. Volunteers will be given training by attending an agency orientation and observing an experienced agency speaker prior to scheduling their solo presentations to represent Elderbridge.
Call Elderbridge at 1-800-243-0678, Extension 7021 to learn more.

Advocacy Volunteers

Elderbridge Agency on Aging is looking for District Leaders to act on behalf of seniors and those with disabilities who want to continue to live independently. District Leaders are volunteers who have a passion for improving individual lives, their local communities and our entire state. If you qualify as a District Leader, you’ll work with Elderbridge staff to promote community living by talking to or writing letters to legislators and also by engaging others to become advocates. The Agency will provide you with all the tools, information and training you’ll need to become an Elderbridge Volunteer Advocate.  Call Elderbridge at 1-800-243-0678, Extension 7021 to learn more.

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