Volunteer Drivers Needed for Home Delivered Meals

Elderbridge Agency on Aging and Spencer Home Delivered Meals are seeking delivery drivers. With Spencer Hospital ending its Meals on Wheels program, demand for Home Delivered Meals’ through Elderbridge is expected to rise. Elderbridge is looking for volunteer drivers to help make sure all routes in Spencer are staffed and much needed meals get delivered to our home bound clients on time.

Currently, meal routes for the Elderbridge Home Delivered Meals program serve 34 elders and people with disabilities. While the hospital Meals on Wheels program has been decreased to fewer than 10 current recipients, the existing Elderbridge volunteer base may not be adequate to get all meals delivered on time if those 10 clients seek services through Elderbridge.

Now, with a cold winter setting in, seniors and the disabled may have additional trouble getting proper nutrition. During this time of year, additional drivers are even more important because dangerous road conditions and vehicle malfunctions can keep scheduled drivers from completing their routes.

Spencer Mayor Reynold Peterson helps with Home Delivered Meals-photo courtesy Spencer Daily Reporter


According to the national hunger relief organization “Feeding America”, 2.9 million homes with seniors experience some kind of food insecurity. Dangerous driving conditions can make these problems worse and could leave seniors without proper nutrition for days at a time. For those affected, malnutrition can lead to a host of other problems such as lack of energy, edema and sudden fainting. Lack of proper nutrition can also make other existing health conditions considerably worse.

With the holidays well upon us, take time to share the joy of the season and please help seniors receive warm meals, and more importantly, the warm kindness of a stranger.

For more information, contact: Andrew Buenger, VISTA Community Outreach Specialist

714 10th Avenue East| Spencer, Iowa 51301

(1)-712-262-1775 x7013 | abuenger@elderbridge.org | www.elderbridge.org


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