Elderbridge Alliance Offers Many New Services

This past year, many government funded programs have experienced cuts as state and federal administrations seek to trim their budgets. The majority of funding for Elderbridge Agency on Aging comes from those federal and state sources, but now a third option is up and running as a way to ensure professional, reliable assistance to the people of our service area.

Elderbridge planned the launch of Elderbridge Alliance for several years and on July 1st the new program kicked off to much praise from local partnering organizations and Elderbridge leaders.

Chief Executive Officer of Elderbridge Shelly Sindt says “I am excited by the new things that we are doing here.”

Elderbridge is pioneering this new model in the state of Iowa, and Elderbridge staff feel that seniors of every financial situation and physical ability will be able to live lives of independence and dignity with the traditional programs offered through Elderbridge Agency on Aging and the addition of these new services through Elderbridge Alliance:

  • “Home Safety Assessment” to help identify hazards that can jeopardize the well-being and independence of the client.
  • “Healthcare Visit Companion” will accompany an individual to medical appointments and assist with communication with the medical provider.
  • “Errand Buddy” is a service that allows an individual to hire a personal helper accompany them on daily errands, appointments around town or simply for social interaction.
  • “Homemeds” is a pharmaceutical assessment service that helps to verify the accuracy and appropriateness of an individual’s current medication regimen.
  • “Care Coordination” will help provide support to remain living safely at home. Elderbridge Alliance Care Coordination service will link the individual with the services needed, through a person-centered action plan.
  • “Home Again” provides support to individuals who return home from a hospital or nursing facility.

Nurses have said that programs such as Home Again and Care Coordination could see their patients returning home with a lower rate of re-hospitalization, and that Errand Buddy can help keep seniors active in their communities and living freely.

Shelly Sindt-Chief Executive Officer, Elderbridge Agency on Aging

Sindt explained that she would like to see even more non-traditional services added to the Elderbridge Alliance roster as well. Sindt also said that more requests and suggestions are coming in from both care recipients and partnering organizations. “Our phase two of Elderbridge Alliance will be to add additional services that we are getting requests for that we’re not currently able to provide. I would also like to see us, moving forward, accessing grant funding and endowments to subsidize and offer the services on a sliding-fee scale.”

Sindt went on to say that she hopes that these extra programs can be used by people looking for additional help and that this in turn will provide funding so that those most in need can continue to receive services without charge.

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