Area Foundations Help Fund Elderbridge Aid Program

Elderbridge Agency on Agency Directors and staff want to thank three philanthropic organizations for the generosity that they have shown us recently.

The Hanson Foundation, First Citizens Charitable Foundation and the Cerro Gordo Community Foundation have each donated significant grants to the Elderbridge Material Aid Program.

The Hanson Foundation donated $5,000 to help seniors and adults with disabilities by providing funding for personal emergencies covered through the Elderbridge Material Aid Program.

In addition, the First Citizens Charitable Foundation has again chosen Elderbridge as one of its philanthropic beneficiaries. The First Citizens Charitable Foundation also gave of gift of $5,000 for our Material Aid Program.

The Cerro Gordo Community Foundation has also donated a generous gift of $3,000 to help with material aid for qualified individuals who are going through unforeseen financial hardships.

Thank you for these generous gifts aiding those in their time of need.

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