Fall Prevention Classes in Clear Lake

"A Matter of Balance" fall prevention classes are taking place in Clear Lake.

Class coaches Jennifer Pascal and Val Sliger started instruction August 3rd at Lake Plaza Apartments for 20 participants. Classes will take place for eight consecutive sessions, one each Thursday at 1:00 p.m. through September 21st. Although this class is full, more are being planned in the future.

"A Matter of Balance" is an evidence based program, sponsored by Elderbridge Agency on Aging. It focuses primarily on fall prevention. The course is designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falls.

The classes are sponsored by Elderbridge Agency on Aging to teach people to learn how to restructure their fear of falling into more positive, confident thoughts. By using a smaller group setting, individuals are able to identify their fears and work on a personalized action plan that can assist them in preventing falls. These plans will address anything from making household changes, increasing physical activity to becoming more aware of potential hazards in the places around you.

"A Matter of Balance" allows participants to review and understand their fear of falling by examining and setting realistic goals to aid them. These goals will lead people in becoming more independent, active, and confident.

The participants also learned several low impact exercises that focus on areas such as flexibility, strength and balance. These exercises are designed to increase ability levels in these areas as well as assist in encouraging the individual to become more active.

For more information on future "A Matter of Balance" classes contact Jennifer Pascal at 641-569-6966 or e-mail jpascal@elderbridge.org or contact Val Sliger at 641-569-6968 or e-mail vsliger@elderbridge.org

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